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About Us

Uitwaaein Magazine is a platform for art, culture, and social connection. Located in Wageningen, Uitwaaien Magazine features amateur and professional artists from the area and surroundings seeking to create bridges and bring a breath of fresh wind to the mind of readers and contributors.

Uitwaaien Magazine is a non-profit organisation that believes in art as a means of connection. The magazine is printed twice a year, summer and winter, with each edition aiming for diverse and inclusive content. Everyone and all kinds of artistic disciplines are welcome.


  • Editor-in-chief & Chair: Moshe Weissman
  • Chair: Joao Gouveia
  • Design: Moshe Weissman & Wenjiao Song
  • PR - social media: Maria Joaquina Acosta
  • Editorial board: Karsten Brunt, Anne-Marie Zwaninwk, Nina Sowa, Idil Balak, Eva Mercadante, Didi de Vries (advisory board), Ron van der Sterren (advisory board)

Are you interested in joining the project as a volunteer or board member? Send an email to


The fourth edition 'threads' was luanched on June 11th!

Submissions for Uitwaaien's fifth edition are now open!